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January 23, 2011 by Dr. Bob Weathers


Teyber, E., McClure, F., & Weathers , Dr. Robert (2011).  Shame and the family: Transmission across generations.  In R. L. Dearing & J. P. Tangney (Eds.).  Shame in the therapy hour.  Washington, D.C.  American Psychological Association Press.

Weathers , Dr. Robert (2006).  Introducing a full-spectrum approach to psychotherapy.  Conway Daily Sun (Special Issue on Health Professions), 18, 12-13.

Gentile, S. R., Asamen, J. K., Harmell, P. H., &  Weathers , Dr. Robert (2002). The stalking of psychologists by their clients.

Weathers , Dr. Robert (2000).  The archetypal nature of percussion: Bridging psyche and soma.  In S. Galipeau (Ed.), On the shores of the psyche: Seeking further understanding in Jungian psychology.  Los Angeles: C. G. Jung Institute.

Weathers , Dr. Robert (2000).  The rhythm of eros: A prospectus for analyzing human interaction in archetypal and clinical perspective.  In W. Riess (Ed.), Breakdown & breakthrough: Jungian psychology at the millennium.  San Francisco: C. G. Jung Institute.

Jacoby, M.  (1999).  Jungian psychotherapy and contemporary infant research: Basic patterns of emotional exchange ( Dr. Robert Weathers , trans.).  London: Routledge.

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Weathers , Dr. Robert (1995).  Reconciliation: The work of Ralph Martin and its implications for psychotherapeutic practice.  Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 14, 365-373.

Allman, L. S., De La Rocha, O., Elkins, D. N., & Weathers , Dr. Robert (1992). Psychotherapists’ attitudes toward clients reporting mystical experience.  Psychotherapy, 29, 564-569.

Weathers , Dr. Robert (1990).  Dream theory and research.  In R. J. Hunter (Ed.), Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling.  Nashville, TN:  Abingdon Press.

Winocur, N., & Weathers , Dr. Robert (1990).  The false transformational promise of cults: Archetypal dynamics.  Journal of Cultic Studies, 7, 160-173.

Hedgespeth, J., & Weathers , Dr. Robert “ Bob “   (1990).  The evil within versus the evil without: The importance of understanding the client’s attributions to evil.  Journal of Pastoral Counseling, 25, 80-89.

Weathers , Dr. Robert (1986).  Meditation, altered states, and unpleasant experiences: A structural-developmental analysis.  Dissertation Abstracts International, 46, 3620-3621.  (University Microfilms Order No. DA8526351).

Weathers , Dr. Robert (1985).  Locus of control and attention differences in the aging process.  Masters Abstracts International, 23, 223. (University Microfilms Order No. MA1322816).

Weathers , Dr. Robert (1984).  The limits of human wisdom:  Scientific knowledge and religious commitment.  Journal of American Scientific Affiliation, 36, 45-46.

Weathers , Dr. Robert (1984).  (Review of Spirituality and human emotion).  Journal of American Scientific Affiliation, 36, 118-120.

Weathers , Dr. Robert (1983).  Dualism or holism?: A look at biblical anthropology, ethics, and human health.  Journal of American Scientific Affiliation, 35, 80-83.


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